Goleta Darts

Goleta Dart -- March 2016

I like the tail pattern and markings behind the eye on this guppy.

Founder Effect

This is the latest photograph of a Goleta Dart that a few weeks ago was nearly colorless with a 'gold spike' on his tail. The green splash near the tail is one of the traits that appears every few generations.

Gold Spike Development

Believe it or not this is the same individual that I took a photograph of a couple weeks ago. The 'coloring up' of this guy took place almost literally overnight. The orange spots and geometric body patterns have really started to take hold. It seems like with this strain they get a background color (for lack of a better term) followed by increasing layers of darker and more intricate patterning later on.

Splash of Wild Guppy

Part of fish keeping for me appears to be learning how to take pictures of them. For whatever reason this little wild Goleta Darts guppy seemed willing to cooperate and stay still long enough for me to snap a few pictures of him. The trouble with wild guppies is that they are almost hyperactive. Another trouble that I keep having is that they seem to always get 'washed out' in the photos that I've taken of them kamagra pills. These pictures are reasonably well focused but the colors are very much muted.

Gold Spike

Half a dozen males with this phenotype were born into one of the Goleta Darts tanks. The type is nearly devoid of color except for some gold flecks and orange spots around the tail. The bottom sword in the photograph has a metallic gold sheen http://cialisviagras.net/viagra-review/. The body and the white parts are also highly metallic and reflective under aquarium lighting. I separated out a couple of these males in a tank with some females to see if the phenotype could be reproduced.

Blue Dots

What's interesting about this young male is that the dots behind his eye are coming in with a bluish cast on a reflective, saddle shaped background. I haven't seen that particular trait in many, many generations, but I guess it is still in the genetic mix.

Odd Stripes

This is a photograph of an odd-ball Goleta Dart that I took in Feb 2014. There were a couple strange things about the fish that I recall. The first is that it had kind of a wizard tail sword. The sword trait isn't all that uncommon in the line but the length of the sword was kind of out of the ordinary. What was even stranger about the fish was the 'tiger' stripes that were only visible under very bright reflected light enligneviagra.net.

Hook Sword

I've included a picture of this guy as he displays just how reflective (and difficult to photograph) the Goleta Darts can be. Also he has a small sword with a little hook on the end of it. I actually haven't seen this feature in the line before.

Blood Drop Pattern

I've been trying to get a picture of this guy for a few weeks. What makes him unique is the bright red saddle shaped marking. I've named him "Dexter" after the HBO series.

Bones Pattern

The dark lines on the body and tail of this guppy reminds me of a skeleton for some reason.


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