Gold Dust Molly

Gold Dust Molly. The thing that I like about this strain is that they don't too large and they aren't overly aggressive with their tank mates. Also, the females aren't overly predatory towards their own young (the females in my Dalmatian molly strain basically give birth and then start eating their own young).

Body and Tail Darts Example

Typical Goleta Dart

This fish has a fairly typical Darts body and tale. What's barely visible in the photo, but clear with the naked eye is the spiderweb thin, vein-like patterning on the dorsal fin of this individual.

Sword Dart

This record photo shows not only an example of a unique body pattern, but also a little bit of a rare sword.

Effects of Lighting

Lighting is everything. This photography showcases the metallic coloring that is a big part of the Darts strain's character.

Goleta Wild Darts -- Body Pattern

Photograph showing fine body patterning of Goleta Dart

The lighting for the camera was apparently just right to capture some of the finer details of the body patterning of the fish. This kind of kind of patterning isn't all that unusual for the Darts strain, what's unusual is that the camera was able to capture it. In other lighting the same fish appears to have red, orange and blue horizontal stripes running down the body length.

Goleta Wild Darts

Goleta Wild Darts

This is a wild strain of guppy from Goleta, CA.


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