Hook Sword

I've included a picture of this guy as he displays just how reflective (and difficult to photograph) the Goleta Darts can be. Also he has a small sword with a little hook on the end of it. I actually haven't seen this feature in the line before.

Blood Drop Pattern

I've been trying to get a picture of this guy for a few weeks. What makes him unique is the bright red saddle shaped marking. I've named him "Dexter" after the HBO series.

Bones Pattern

The dark lines on the body and tail of this guppy reminds me of a skeleton for some reason.

More Turquoise

This individual has some really striking turquoise and blue tale coloration. It was really difficult getting a good picture of this active little color flash.

Leopard Skin

This individual has a bold, almost leopard skin pattern. It is part of the group that matured in the summer of 2014.

Dramatic Coloring

I'm just adding these to showcase the dramatic color patterning from the batch of fish that matured during the summer of 2014. This set of photographs illustrates the reflective patterning of the fish and the effects of lighting. This is the same fish, in the same tank photographed hours apart with only slightly different ambient light.

Turquoise Bullseye

I think that this fish is interesting in that he has the bullseye pattern in turquoise along with a little splotch of red. He also has a really prominent metallic highlight behind the eye.

Goleta Wild Darts with Tail Decoration

There are a few individuals that have tail decorations. In general it must be a pretty recessive set of traits in the population. I also like the solar eclipse pattern near his dorsal. What doesn't show up well in the photograph are the fine black speckles that dot his entire body. A lot of the finer line patterning is also obscured in the picture.

Juvenile Male with Partial Coloring

This is a picture of a juvenile Goleta Dart. I think it's interesting that the colors come in phases with the blues showing up last.

Ugly Friend Theory

A Pair of Goleta Darts (shown above)


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